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Our next workshop – 'Pleasing Your Audience' – 4th April 2020

HI Ladies, here it is, the details of our April workshop: – What should you do to connect with your audience and bring energy to your performance?– How can you create a Set from your repertoire to suit your audience’s palate? – How do you handle interruptions and Hecklers?– Would you like to be part of … Continue reading Our next workshop – 'Pleasing Your Audience' – 4th April 2020

Is It Time To Become A Solo Artiste? | Success Beyond The Score Ep. 12

You might remember episode 7 of the podcast: “Is It Time To Leave The Band And Go Solo?”. In that occasion, Millicent pondered the pros and cons of taking such a step, and in the following episodes, she pointed at the main difficulties that musicians face when working in groups and how to successfully overcome them. Now, after all the considerations, the initial questions is relevant again.

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