2 thoughts on “Cafemnee Take Control Of Your Sound Sept 2nd

  1. Hi Millicent

    Thanks for the Cafemnee information…I have just a few questions: 1. Roughly how much time will be spent playing instruments on the day? 2. What will be the expectations of musicians on the day e.g. Will there be any music to learn in advance? 3. Is this suitable for all levels of experience? Or are there some minimum requirements?

    Kind regards Joanne


    1. Hi Joanne

      Usually the time playing is a couple of hours after lunch however this time it’s being reduced to about an hour as we have a lot to cover in learning about amplifiers, microphones, PA system etc. In that hour of play Cynthia Fearon will be leading the music session. It will be simple songs that beginners and returnees to music can get along with but also the more experienced players can develop. If charts or guide notes are required they will be provided on request.

      We’re doing it this way so that each person have a chance to be guided on how to use a PA desk and amplifier. So it will be like a carousel but will be fun. So no pressure. Our music sessions are non-competitive and aimed at empowering everyone. Hope that helps.

      By the way 🙂 Not sure if you realised but this conversation is public. I’m ok with this because other women will probably have the same question but if you prefer a one to one private reply then complete the contact form on this site or email me at info@millicentstephenson.com

      Hope you can make it 2nd Sept!

      Kind regards



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