How was ‘What Shall I Wear?’

Millicent Stephenson Cafemnee What Shall I Wear Women laughing

Millicent Stephenson Cafemnee What Shall I Wear Bev and Vivine editedWe had a blast!  But first, why did the women come?  Some said:

  • To learn more about their Image and seek tips & advice
  • Because I missed 2 other session
  • Looking at Stage styles,
  • To learn more about face shape, colours, what to wear and know more about my complete look and style
  • Not sure what looks best me for my different scenarios.
  • I have attended previously and always enjoy the day so I decided to attend this one as well. I was also really interested in the topic.
  • Link up with likeminded women
  • Networking
  • I always enjoy these sessions.

Millicent Stephenson Cafemnee What Shall I Wear Carlene Bev 1And what a day, what a revelation!  Beverley Crichlow put us through our paces and we all left feeling elated, charged, determined and ready to change our look from head to toe.  Information about our best colour, outfit, shape, etc that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.  Thank you Beverley.  But hey, don’t just take it from me, this is what some of the women had to say about what they will do differently as a result of the session:

‘…remove unwanted items from my wardrobe rather than putting them back and hoping I’ll like them another time’

‘Think about my appearance more’

‘Embrace my short hair and look at what does with short hair’.

‘Be more aware of how I stand’

‘Be more conscious of my choices when shopping for clothers’.

Millicent Stephenson Cafemnee What Shall I Wear Women laughing‘…Learnt about my body shape, face and necklines. I gained insight into coouts and types of clother that may be suitable for me’

And of the Sax workshop and Keyboard Workshop:

‘Excellent advice on Sax care and accessories’

‘..I’m going to practise my instrument more…’

Also, if you missed them, see the comments by Carlene and Michelle  posted on this website.

Video highlights coming soon 🙂




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