I’m loving how Cafemnee’s helped me – Jacqueline’s Story

So, my singing history charts over many years singing in groups and choirs, as a backing vocalist and soloist working with artists and musicians from far and wide.  I love to sing, but felt in the last two years in particular, that my confidence was being greatly eroded after working with a few people who had started to make me feel less than able. “Choir and Worship Team politics” had simply started to get me down.

I decided to “take back the control” and re-boot; I simply had to find a way to get my confidence and enjoyment back in singing and while so-doing, become a more confident solo artist in my own right and learning to line my own pockets instead of ALWAYS lining someone else’s! Not that I sing for the money, I haven’t largely, but I do know I’m worth it!! I have been told many times by skilled and talented people about my God-given gift of singing, so why was I allowing myself to be held back by those who simply want the benefits all for themselves? People happily leaving me to expend all my time and energy in developing THEIR pursuits while not taking care of my own?

I signed up for the Cafemnee Sept 2017 ‘Take Control Of Your Sound’ and March 2018 – ‘Your Mind Is Your Music’ workshops and a one-to-one session with Millicent Stephenson and it was all just the spur I needed. Armed with a new steely determination to conquer my fears and develop my vocal instrument, I sought out an open mic slot at RJZZ and at the Mango Lounge venues. I am, I’ve realised more so, hard on myself, always wanting my delivery to be at least, pitch-perfect and meaningful. It’s been the most exhilarating feeling however,  to come off stage genuinely knowing that I gave my personal best and “smashed it”. It won’t always be perfection but it’s the best goal aim for me and with God’s strength I know I can carry on climbing. New singing requests have followed me and my “mojo” is back!!!!

I’m loving how Cafemnee’s helped me with a wealth of knowledge and training from some great speakers-it’s truly been worth it!

Jacqueline Ffrench


Published by Millicent Stephenson Sax

Multi award winning female saxophonist. Birmingham West Midlands UK. Iconic Jazz, Gospel, Reggae, Pop, Blues, Soul and also original material written by Millicent. Recording artist. Songwriter. Pianist. Label Owner (Silver Gliss Music). Creator of Not Just Jazz. Creator and host of Cafemnee (empowering women in music project). Vocalist. Teacher. Wife and Mother.

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