New to jam sessions? Here some golden tips.

Millicent Stephenson Noval Smith Not Just Jazz

Our next workshop, ‘Go for Gold in 2019’, offers the exciting opportunity to join a jam session conducted by Noval Smith, amazing keyboard player and producer who has worked with Millicent several times in the past. He will bring new airs to our usual dynamic that, we are sure, will result in fascinating new tunes.

Millicent Stephenson Noval Smith Not Just Jazz
Millicent and Noval, playing together in the show “Not Just Jazz”

Jam sessions are great opportunities to grow as musicians, but they can be a bit daunting. Complaints about “not being good enough” or “not being ready” are very frequent, so here we want to give some tips to ensure your session with Noval will go as well as it should.

  • Mistakes are ok. Don’t be afraid of them, they are part of the jam and your learning process. Did you stutter, did you go off key? Don’t worry and keep going, you will find easy to rejoin the group if you stay calm.
  • Listen to what is happening around you. Jams are a great chance to learn the teamwork aspect of music. Instead of focusing only in what you “have to do”, appreciate what other players can do, how they feel the music and contribute to the session.
  • Trust the song leader. He might ask you to go out of your comfort zone or change the tune or the lyrics of a song to experiment, and that’s perfectly fine. Relax and see how things flow.
  • Respect everybody in the session, let them complete their solos, develop their ideas and add to the conversation. Jams are not a competition and everybody deserves the same amount of attention and time to shine.
  • Enjoy the music!

To join the jam session and all the other activities we will have in the workshop, head to the Go for Gold in 2019 page and get your tickets now (early bird is still on!). If you have any doubt, please e-mail your query to

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