Watch Noval and Millicent’s jam session now

Here you go! You can now watch Noval and Millicent’s jam session on Millicent’s YouTube channel but we’ve linked it below just for you. 🙂

Yesterday’s jam session was really good. We certainly learnt something more about how Jam sessions work and what to play irrespective of being a beginner or more advance player. We also got to see the process involved through
Noval and Millicent’s jam session.

By the way Ladies, if you have not yet booked for our ‘Go For gold in 2019‘ workshop where you’ll get a chance to jam (lead by Noval), develop your vocals (Estill Vocal Workshop with Louise Dengate), and be inspired in your gigging and practice (with Millicent) you can still book now.

You can watch Noval and Millicent’s jam session now, here: