How Twang Powers Your Saang!

I’ve heard Judges in singing competitions describe contestant performance with the words’…you saang!…’. Emphasizing the ‘a’ to acknowledge the exceptional performance of the contestant. Perhaps you would like the same accolade for your voice? Well on Sat 6th April, at our next Cafemnee workshop ‘Go For Gold in 2019‘ there will be a vocal masterclass with Louise Dengate, (Estill Vocal Technique Coach, Choir Director and Music Agent). Louise will explain how to achieve more power and tone in your voice; how to look after your voice; how to choose the right songs for you and more.

Here’s a flavour of what’s in store. In this video Louise demonstrates ‘Twang’ on a couple of Bars of Beyonce’s ‘Listen’ and how Twang powers your saang!

What else is happening on the 6th April? Read more about it here:

Published by Millicent Stephenson Sax

Multi award winning female saxophonist. Birmingham West Midlands UK. Iconic Jazz, Gospel, Reggae, Pop, Blues, Soul and also original material written by Millicent. Recording artist. Songwriter. Pianist. Label Owner (Silver Gliss Music). Creator of Not Just Jazz. Creator and host of Cafemnee (empowering women in music project). Vocalist. Teacher. Wife and Mother.

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