Two golden weeks.

It has been two weeks since the ‘Go for Gold in 2019’ workshop. It still feels like yesterday! What a fantastic day we had. As creative director of Cafemnee, it was very gratifying to meet with so many of our regular members and learn more about what they have been up to since our last workshop. The growth is immense: among the achievements our members have reached, there are stage performances, solos and features in musical projects, recordings, music videos, collaborations with role models, business development and more.

A snapshot of the day

We also had a few new faces, including our youngest member ever, Jessica, a pianist who is ten years old. She quite enjoyed our jamming session with Noval. The session, really, went great. It took an exciting direction thanks to the contribution of two amazing rappers, who got all the other musicians engaged instantly. In general, I must say, everybody left the session wishing it could have lasted longer; it is not everyday that such an special encounter of singers and musicians can take place. Some members were also glad to meet others who play the same instrument and realize we are all part of a big team.

Louise’s vocal workshop, which was one of the main reasons for people to attend ‘Go for Gold in 2019’, gave great insight on how to create tension in order to give real power to the voice. She truly knows her craft! In the other hand, my talk was pretty enriching and dynamic. People came up with tons of ideas to foment their brand in the musical industry, and left with a lot of inspiration and motivation to get the gig of their dreams.

Our fab attendants in another snapshot.
Did you notice the gorgeous music-themed scarf?

Two weeks later, I can still feel the boost, the excitement, the joy of seeing this project grow for the benefit of everybody involved. To all the attendants and the people who could not make it, but still supported us along the way, thank you. Thank you for making this dream of empowerment come true, thank you for sharing your passion for music with Cafemnee. Expect to hear from us soon, but in the meantime, have a golden and blessed 2019!

Published by Angela Schuster

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One thought on “Two golden weeks.

  1. We totally and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves on the day. My daughter Jessica the youngest attender ever. ..tee hee..(proud mum) and myself were so inspired. Jessica plays and jams alot more having been around inspirational people and having the privilege of being taught by Noval Smith who is phenomenal musician.. The network aspect of regularly attending meant that afew of the ladies who attended then came along to support me at the Jamhouse with Gospel Central. Also another amazing thing was that my daughter was asked to attend a music group called Notebenders where she could play with other young musicians..The whole event was a blast and run impeccably by Millicient. We both cant wait till next time ..hope the jamming part of session can be all day too.xx Good job Cafemne


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