Because of Cafemnee, I have…

At the end of ‘Go for Gold in 2019’, we asked the attendants who had been in another Cafemnee workshop before to complete the sentence, “because of Cafemnee, I have…” These were their answers:

  • Listened to what other female musicians go through, no matter what level or play they are with  in their musical journey.
  • Become more confident and stronger/to move forward and do my music, work on stage & get gigs.
  • Gained much more knowledge and skills.
  • Developed in my motivation to sing.
  • Stopped singing with people who were keeping me down in my singing and started singing with a more professional group of people. Also, I bought a mic; sing with an agency; and gigged more.
  • [Made] connections to female saxophonists.
  • Grown as a musician.
  • Learned the value of networking.
  • Met some amazing women.
  • Returned to my drumming and built my musical talents which has allowed me to play with a master drummer.
  • Taken more solos during live performances with the band I’m in.
  • Learned to evaluate my approach to learning and have met with other females who have encouraged me to continue with music.
  • Used my mic at an event.

We are very proud of all these achievements, and we cannot wait for see how everybody grows more and reaches their goals in music. Right now, we are preparing our next workshop and we would love to have your input. Our survey will be up until August 24th, and it takes only three minutes to complete it. Make your opinion count here.

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