#CafemneeInspires: The Right Doors For You

Cafemnee Inspires

Life as an independent artist comes with some levels of anxiety in regards of opportunities. One is always hunting for new contacts, new gigs, new venues, anything that could help propel one’s career. The illusion of success being this very narrow door that only the most tenacious and skilled can go through, added to the fear of failure and the threat of financial distress, makes a lot of independent artist burn themselves to the bones.

It is easier said than done, but don’t get caught in the stampede. Success doesn’t look the same for everybody and not all opportunities are worth taking. No matter how hard you try, some doors will remain shut for you, and that’s fine, even if they seem to lead to thing you really want to achieve. Perhaps there is something in them that would hurt you in the long run. Be patient and observant, allow yourself time and you will see the right doors open.

Published by Angela Schuster

Freelance PR Manager. Writer. Editor. Content Creator.

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