#CafemneeInspires: Eagle View

Cafemnee Inspires

In an ideal world, everything would be accessible and everything would be doable, but in reality, some doors just remain shut.  The blow is usually hardest from the people you expect will champion your music, but for some reason, they don’t give you that opportunity. 

There have been countless times when I have experienced this.  I have repeatedly requested to perform at a particular event but to no avail. What did I do?  Eventually I stopped banging and kicking. I stepped back, and looked around.

Image taken from HBW.com

Sometimes, you have to raise over the circumstances and observe, like an eagle flying over the land. Wasting your potential and energy chasing an ellusive prey might not be the best. Rather, accept the situation – it might not be your time; it might not be their time – and scour your surroundings. Perhaps, while you were obsessed with a single opportunity, other appeared and you did not notice.  Turn around, assess its merits, go for it if it’s right for you.  I’ve found that many of these lead to other things I was not expecting, which are equally or sometimes better than what I thought I would achieve through the preferred option.

My tip: ask three times, four if you are really into it, and if nothing happens, move on. I just ask twice before taking off, really, the third knock is just courtesy, lol! And don’t forget to celebrate your wins!  Spend more time being happy and positive about your achievements and less longing for those seemingly good things that ran away from you.

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Freelance PR Manager. Writer. Editor. Content Creator.

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