Owning Your Spot: What did the attendants think went well about the workshop?

In Cafemnee, it is very important for us to know what attendants took from the activities we organise, what was enjoyed and what can be improved. For that reason, we use to ask for participants to tell us their impressions at the end of the workshops and meetings. In occasion of the workshop ‘Owning Your Spot’, these are some of the answers to the question “What went well about today, meeting of aims or the organisation of the event?”

  • The whole day. Well organized and very enjoyable. Can’t remember when I smiled so much.
  • I really enjoyed the vocal workshop and also the panel was lovely. On the open mic session, I really enjoyed the music at the end. Thanks guys.
  • Loved the impro work with Noval. The icebreaker was useful, as was the info about arranging a sound check with the sound engineer. The performance feedback will help me when I perform next as my eye contact with the audience is limited.
  • All well executed.
  • Able to talk in a safe environment / Positive feedback / Great having a panel: constructive and positive feedback.
  • The open mic session was good. We could all learn from the feedback given / Safe environment to practice tips to develop / Improvisation – learnt some new tips.
  • Everything fabulous.

It is very motivating for us to receive such positive response and encouragement. We look forward to deliver more and better activities on 2020. Stay tunned!

Published by Angela Schuster

Freelance PR Manager. Writer. Editor. Content Creator.

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