‘From the inside-out’ – Carlene’s Story

Listen UP, Listen UP – Millicent and Company did it again! Building on excellence in bringing this workshop to us. Not only did she take valuable time out of her schedule; she invited three (3) other top professional musicians to offer up their time, gifts and musical talents to impart to ALL who were gathered for the workshop. We were invited to bring forth what was our musical abilities from the ‘inside – out’. We were encouraged to ‘go for it’ and ‘own your own spot by doing it YOUR WAY – UNIQUE’.

Our musical ambitions were stretched again by going through an audition, with the four (4) professionals being on a panel to critique the respective performances. Thanks to ALL the women who went up individually; especially Sheryl who went FIRST, as you know its always daunting to do anything first! One group of women were critiqued in the early stages of their group; ‘Ma (Rythm & Saxes) Sistas’. The panel put them through their paces, and then asked them to take a few more minutes to put into action what was encouraged to change to make a better performance; and it WORKED! We had eyes being opened, we had ‘swagger’, we had audience participation, we had movement, we had good use of stage presence, etc., etc., absolutely MARVELOUS!!! Also some new faces joined us too, which was good to see.

So, woman, if you weren’t there, then you missed yet another wonderful experience at CAFEMNEE; so don’t miss the next one – as it will indeed excel all expectations. Bye for now fellow women – and many thanks to Millicent and fellow professional musicians. Much appreciated.


This testimony refers to the workshop ‘Owning Your Spot’,
which took place on Saturday 9th November, 2019

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