Owning Your Spot: Why did attendants book the workshop?

Cafemnee has a lot of regulars, but we are blessed to count with a few newcomers every workshop as well. We are always interested in learning how people found out about our community and what motivated them to join us, so, in the context of our last workshop, ‘Owning Your Spot’, we asked everybody “Why did you come today?”. Here, some of the answers:

  • I came to experience new techniques for singing / Network with other musicians or vocalists / To build confidence.
  • Learn more about performing on stage and how to own it.
  • Re-energisation.
  • To meet up with females who have a love for music and want to better their craft.
  • I love coming – there is a liberty/freedom to express myself and appreciate other beautiful talents.

We are proud of the positive, productive environment that we have created, and we cannot wait for what 2020 will bring. By the way, expect an announcement soon! 😉

Published by Angela Schuster

Freelance PR Manager. Writer. Editor. Content Creator.

3 thoughts on “Owning Your Spot: Why did attendants book the workshop?

  1. It was my first time here, I had a wonderful day meeting with such a fantastic inspirational group of people, at the end of the day I felt as though I had experienced something very special, looking forward to the next one.


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