Owning Your Spot: What did attendants suggest for improving the workshops?

2019 is coming to an end and most of us are thinking about how we will tackle 2020, how we are going to make it the best year of our lives so far. To achieve so, part of the process is to reflect on how to improve the way we do things. In Cafemnee, we ask our members for feedback to apply in the following workshops. Most of the comments are extremely positive and tend to encourage us to keep doing what we do, which is a great source of pride for us! For example, during ‘Owning Your Spot’, some of our attendants said:

  • The whole day was very good.
  • I think it went well and it was amazing for the [a] first time.
  • Just keep on doing, planning and organising ‘fruitful’, enjoyable, thought-provoking workshops. You always build on the previous workshop with so much more to learn!!!
  • Can’t fault anything.
  • Nothing. Auditioning slot was fab and should be repeated.

Of course, it is important not to become complacent. On the contrary, receiving praise makes even more important to keep doing our best to deliver enriching experiences and learning for our members. Here, some suggestions we received after ‘Owning Your Spot’

  • Have the aims of the day on display.
  • If possible, more time in workshops.
  • I thought the whole day was enjoyable. I would have liked the experts to maybe “demonstrate” the do’s and dont’s of performance or to show a video clip showing the way of performing well and not-so-well.

If you have any other suggestion or want Cafemnee to make workshops about specific themes in 2020, let us know through our contact form or our Facebook page.

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