Owning Your Spot: What has been achieved? What happens next?

For the final questions of our evaluation form, we asked the attendants to the workshop ‘Owning Your Spot’ about what they had achieved thanks to Cafemnee, if they ever had attended a workshop with us before. These are some of their answers, which make us very proud:

  • I am back singing and speaking, and I am loving it.
  • I performed at a jazz festival and did a solo in front of a large audience.
  • I bought my own microphone 🙂
  • I played with a group of women more than once, in public.
  • I played with a new band, attended gigs, learned new songs and had weekly rehearsals as a group with them.

These are all amazing achievements and bold steps towards building a successful and enduring career in music. We also were really happy to read about some more subtle changes, which, because they happen on the inside, are all the more important:

  • I no longer “beat myself up” after a performance / I rehearse more.
  • I have gotten positive criticism of my performances.
  • I now know how to own my spot much much better. Thanks guys.
  • I’ve gotten lots more of confidence.
  • Lots more [illegible] and confidence, playing more djembe.

And finally, we asked the attendants if they would be back for another Cafemnee workshop. All the responses were positive! Now, we are planning what we are going to do, and for that we need your input. Please fill our short survey to let us know about what you want for the next step in this beautiful project: Click here to access the questionnaire.

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