Do You Want To Know How To Produce Your Own Music? Act now!

So I mentioned that our workshop on the 4th April, ‘Pleasing Your Audience’ will run online and I will send you the details this Monday/Tuesday.  In the meantime I’ve just come across a music production course by a female producer from the USA called Kris  She will teach you how to set up your recording studio and how to produce your music.  She has had some of her songs Sync (see below).  I thought I’d share it with you, just in case you are interested.

There are four free videos so you get to see how she teaches and what she has to offer (link below). 

The closing date is pretty tight, it’s tomorrow Sunday midnight Central time (USA) which is 5.00am Monday morning UK so you need to act now.

Here’s a little bit about Kris and the course:

Kris Bradley from “Produce Like a Boss” is going to take you on a step-by-step journey through the process of taking your song idea, or “voice memo” and transforming it into a professional recording!  


  • Pitch your songs to other artists and save money on demos
  • Place your music in the exploding world of Film/TV 
  • Demo your songs before you pay to have them fully produced
  • Produce and release your own music
  • Learn the basics of music production and more so you feel more confident in studio sessions

Jump on this opportunity to learn from a pro producer with multiple placements, who works directly with music production libraries, licensing companies, corporate clients, labels and artists.

This approach to music production is a breath of fresh air if you’re completely at a loss for where to start, or how to get your ideas out.  

NOTE:  If you know you want to do this, act fast!  The closing date for the course is Sunday midnight Central time (USA) or 5.00am Monday morning UK.

I’m not  sure when she’ll be offering the course again since the coaching and community takes up a lot of time, so if you miss it this time around, you may have to wait a while!

Check out “From Voice Memo to Demo” or register online now !

The free training link to get feel for her style of teaching

The sales page:

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