Stuck at home? Don't worry our 4th April Workshop Will Run Online! Join Us!

As you know we were due to run ‘Pleasing Your Audience’ on the 4th April in Erdington, Birmingham. The Government is requesting that as many as possible stay in doors to combat the Corona Virus. 

I’ve found a way to run our workshop over the Internet on the 4th April, and you can participate and communicate with each other from the comfort of your arm chair.  🙂  

I will post the finer details Monday or Tuesday this week. But in the mean time keep safe and well. 

Build up your immune system by minimising worry and stress, eat right, sleep, rest, exercise, pray, communicate with friends and loved ones by phone.

And above all play music!  Practise!

Put on CDs, Mp3, etc and dance!

Stuck at home? Don’t worry our 4th April Workshop Will Run Online! Join Us!