How did our Online Workshop go?

We had a total of four sessions in our first online Cafemnee workshop. It was quite a new experience for everybody, and we are glad to say all the attendants and instructors tackled the challenge with enthusiasm and confidence, resulting in a great learning process and a lot of fun!

We asked the attendants to give us some feedback in regards of how the workshop flowed, wishing to know how they liked the move from face to face to virtual space. Here, some highlights of what they said:

  • When lockdown happened, I thought the course would not go ahead and I was disappointed, but it’s great that it moved online.  I’m really pleased it went ahead.
  • I like the weekly meetings.  Perhaps we could do this more regularly.
  • I generally don’t like courses, as it entails a lot of writing which does not work for me, but by having the video lessons and also being able to catch the replays later in the week, I found this really helped my style of learning.
  • I am new to this technology and I was pleased that I could use it outside of the course to catch up with my family.  They were surprised with my new skills.
  • I enjoyed the sisterhood.  It was very rich despite Corona.

We dare to say the outcome couldn’t be better! It is undeniable that this whole situation has brought us all a lot of harship and challenges, but we find comfort in knowing that we can rise up against it together through this kind of digital spaces!

We will be sharing more about the workshop in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, we suggest you check the podcast Success Beyond The Score to continue your process in building a music career, and to answer this short survey for us to be able to enhance our upcoming e-learning programme with the best content. Thank you!

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