Keep An Eye On Our Community Group!

As you know, our latest workshop took place online through the span of several weeks, as opposed to our regular face to face one day events. One of the results of the workshop was the community group, which has remained active after the masterclasses were done and has provided a space to our members to communicate and collaborate.

If you are wondering how to have access to this group if you don’t have it, or whether it will continue active, the answers are here. Yes, the group will not only remain active, but expand to become a permanent space for the growth and collaboration of women in music online, and there will be access to new members opening very soon!

In essence, each month there will be one topic we focus on, for example, how to get gigs. Members will receive information about the topic so they can set goals and ways to measure their progress during the month, using the forums and other online tools we have at hand to work together. Twice a month, there will be a Zoom call with Millicent and other experts to answer questions and give advice. This call may include a short presentation on the topic too, so everybody is on the same page, and it will be recorded and hosted for the platform to make it easy for members to rewatch or check later if they cannot attend the call itself.

Besides, in the Community Group members are to share good practise, tips, etc they have come across to support each other, as well as video and music clips on their journey. There will be instructions on how to set up a video or sound channel (YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.) to house recordings to share in the group and/or with prospective clients. And we will also host additional Zoom calls among the members only, so they can all catch up,  chat and share during the month.

We are very excited and happy to go ahead with this group that has been so beneficial and enriching in the midst of the pandemic. Do you have some thoughts about it, are you excited too? Let us know through our contact form!

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