Cafemnee Online: Some Additional Thoughts

Being part of the Cafemnee workshopping experience, I feel, has prepared us to return to making music as artists and performing in ways that will to help bring more light and love to our audiences.

One of our members

This post will wrap up on the amazing feedback that we received for the online workshop, our first experience in the digital world that became the seed of our soon to launch permanent community group. In our sessions, we always ask for feedback in a way that doesn’t only allow us to know what we did right and what we can improve, but to our members to reflect on their journey and set new goals that are exciting and achievable at the same time.

These are the first questions that we asked, with some of the answers we received. We hope that reading them will help you envision the kind of work that we do, so eventually you can join us online or when we can hug each other again.

One thing I learnt and will do!

  • To record myself on video or my phone audio to evaluate and improve my performance.
  • After the last session I went home and wrote two verses of a new song in 20 mins!  This is a first. I learnt that my words come from my heart.
  • To play more confidently and with emotion when I’m not reading the notes.

One thing I liked about the workshop

  • I was able to interact with everyone during lock down and get feedback on my performance.
  • Having a mixed group of singers and musicians meant I learnt from everyone.
  • If lockdown didn’t happen I would be abroad but it allowed me to join the workshop.  The workshop definitely helped me to improve.

Again, thank you to all our members for sticking with us and face the challenge of communication in times of crisis like the one we are currently living. We are going forward and honestly we cannot wait to show you the community we hae been working on to help you reach your goals in music.

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