Last Day For Joining The Open Mic Performance Of ‘Time For My Music’

With only a few hours left before the call for participants on the Time For My Music Open Mic Performance closes, there are 3 places left!

Interested? Here is the basic information:

Why is it called ‘Open Mic’?

We could call it a ‘concert’ or ‘show’ but we decided to say ‘Open Mic’. Please don’t be put off. In the group we decided to go for a description that would not prohibit any level of confidence or ability to join in. No stress. Have fun. Learn how to do it then put on your own 🙂

How will it work?

The Open Mic is in June and you will perform from the comfort of your home. There will be online planning and preparation workshop Zoom sessions in March, April and June to help you get ready. The first meet up is tomorrow Wednesday 31st March, 7.30pm.

What will the workshops cover?

  • Where to place your self in the shot.
  • How to set up your room
  • Phone camera angles
  • Lighting
  • Equipment to broadcast your sound and picture
  • Steps to advertising your online performance
  • Internet requirement
  • Performance tips
  • Two dry-runs within the Community group before the actual event in June so you can test everything will work on day.
  • You will get the video footage of your performance so you can use it going forward to get work. Online or Offline.
  • How musicians make money through their online performance

How can you join?

To get your Spot all you have to do is join the Time For My Music community by tonight, Tuesday 30th March, 11:59pm, in time to join our first Q&A session the tomorrow evening. Visit the community’s home site to learn about the benefits of the membership and the terms of use. The cost is usually £25 per month but there is a Spring offer on now, so it is just £20 per month. Please keep in mind that the price will return to £25 from 1st April.

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