The Experience Of A Djembe Player On ‘Time For My Music’

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We are approaching the first anniversary of ‘Time For My Music’, the online community created to help women in music stay active and connected during lockdown. The experience has been fantastic, but rather than tell you so ourselves, we thought it would be better to ask some of the members of the community about how they feel.

The testimonial you are about to read was kindly sent by Carlene. Thank you!

I have been attending Millicent Stephenson’s CAFEMNEE for a while now, which launched my Djembe playing after not playing for approx. 8 years.  We were due to have a workshop, but due to the lockdown; Millicent decided to move this online and launched an online women’s music community group = T4MM in September 2020.

It was a big change, to go from face-to-face to online, using technology I had never been part of before. Another learning curve.  By being part of this group, Millicent encouraged us to take our music to the ‘next level’, and to the next level she took us.  Once a month, we have had a workshop on various subjects to do with the music industry; such as: uploading videos, exploring YouTube (private and public publishing), licensing and distribution, royalties, copyright, PA systems and microphones, lighting (which has led me to purchase equipment to enhance my Djembe playing i.e., an audio interface. I had never heard of such a thing, let alone purchasing one before this group!).  We addressed backing tracks, acappella, back drops, benefits of being a member of the Musicians Union, and so much more over the past eight (8) months.

We have also had a monthly session of ‘Drinks, Chill and Chat’ (DCC) whereby the women who are part of T4MM can come and spend an hour and half bringing a drink of their choice and just ‘chill and chat’ about anything and everything. Then, we focus on our musical interludes, etc. During one of these DCC, Millicent posed the question – let us have an online musical event, yet again building, increasing our experience and exposure with our own music, musical instruments, etc.  This has allowed us to really see what it takes behind the scenes to bring a performance to fruition.  Hence, and event that will take place on July 3rd, 2021.

With all the above and women joining the community group at varying levels of their musical journeys, what this community group does and gives me is the time and space to explore, experiment, sharpen my skills, and fuse musical ideas with likewise women. I have grown tremendously in my musical journey and applaud and commend Millicent on her leadership and vision on our behalf.  Many thanks Millicent and to the women of T4MM.

Onward and UPWARD!!!

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