Angela Tells Us About Her Experience In ‘Time For My Music’

Interested in joining the community group ‘Time For My Music’, but unsure of how it could go? Well, we are going to share testimonials from the members of the first cohort during the week to give you a better idea. Today, it is Angela’s turn, and this is what she had to say:

I joined T4MM in September 2020, after regularly attending Cafemnee. By this time, I was slowly getting used to Zoom.

For me, the monthly workshops have been very good. For ages I had wanted to buy an amplifier, but was not sure what to buy. T4MM had a workshop on amplifiers and now I am the proud owner of a very good one. Other workshops have been on backing tracks and stage performance skills, which have been excellent.  Whatever level of musician you are, you need good backing tracks! It is important to present yourself well on stage. I have purchased some very good backing tracks and even had one made.

The T4MM showcase was a game changer for me; all what I had learnt was put into practice. The audience was wonderful and the feedback was positive. I have also had personal feedback from Millicent on my performance. This not only will help me to self develop but boosted my confidence as well.

T4MM also have a regular chill and chat where we talk and share experiences of life in general.

Come on women come and join us. Pick up your instrument sing again. PUSH.


Angela, T4MM Sister

Remember that inscriptions for the new cycle will be open between September 7th and September 14th, 2021. Also, stay tunned for a highlight video of the T4MM showcase Angela mentioned coming up over this weekend!

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