Inscriptions For ‘Time For My Music’ Open Today! Let Hillary Tell You About The Group

The second cohort of Time For My Music starts getting formed today! Inscriptions are open until September 14th, don’t miss the chance to join while you can. If you have doubts, allow Hillary, a member of Cafemnee and the first cohort of T4MM, to tell you about her experience:

After many years of domestic commitments, I decided to return to my first love –music. I decided to learn to play the saxophone, just because. It never occurred to me that I might like to play in public, so I just plodded along playing the simple tunes that I had learned.

A chance meeting saw me taking the plunge and participating in my first ‘all day’ workshop, hosted by Millicent Stephenson. When I arrived at the venue, I was faced with around 30 musicians who were complete strangers to me. I quickly realised that I was the least experienced of the 7 sax players. I thought that I was a pretty awful horn player but wanted to learn and develop. The women in the group made me feel so welcome that I really didn’t want to go home. I gradually gained confidence and even started to play at open mic sessions. I am growing and developing all the time because I know that I have a network of amazing women who are always ready to encourage and support. I sometimes look back to see how far I have come and feel quite smug because I made a good decision to make Time for My Music.

Time for My Music ‘does exactly what is says on the tin’. The group has allowed me to return to my first love and I couldn’t have joined a more supportive group of like-minded women. I lacked a great deal of confidence but was determined to overcome this hindrance. The T4MM group has offered me support when I needed it most and has encouraged my development. I now play in 2 bands – one where I am part of the ‘brass section’ and another and that has an ‘all girl’ line-up. Not bad for someone who had no real intention of becoming a performer!

Mrs. T.

You can go to the T4MM website to separate your place. Also, enjoy the highlights of the concert the first cohort offered online on July 3rd this year:

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