You Can Join ‘Time For My Music’ Today

“Time For My Music” has registrations open until September 14th, which is next Tuesday! Don’t miss this chance to join a group of like-minded women who seek to take their next step in their music journey. By joining, you will have access to chats, tutorials, workshops, and participation in concerts like this:

Let Janice, one of the members of the group present in this online performance, tell you about the process to make it a reality and how the group has been beneficial for her:

On reflection, I realise how far we have all come. A very long way, Sisters, and we’ve done it together. WELL DONE EVERYONE.  YAY!!!

The Journey has been a challenging eye opener from preparation to performance. I’m sure you all feel the same. Millicent gave us the foundation’s and fundamentals, through seminars and workshops and we have managed to link the theory to practical.  
Thanks to Millicent and Althea (and anyone else involve behind the scenes) who had to work from beginning to end, and they did a great and professional job. 

It was a lovely surprise to hear Pat’s participation  in a way that was comfortable for her. A great idea, and a great calming and entertaining addition to our program! 

I know we will all have thought of things that we could have done better. I know I have. I have also embraced and accepted my imperfections and know that they will help me to improve. I have learned a lot from this journey. I am now ready to proceed and progress.

Go to this link and become part of this project to empower women in music. We’re looking forward to receive you!

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