Patricia talks about ‘Time For My Music’

We continue sharing testimonials by members of Time For My Music while registrations are open. This time, Patricia tell us about her experience:

Millicent, as Director of Time for My Music and facilitator of the group, has created an environment where women can be their authentic selves and can feel safe to express their vulnerabilities in order to engage in learning and developing their musical ability.

Millicent’s belief in striving for excellence is challenging, yet positive because this is always undertaken with encouragement and at a pace that is comfortable for the individual. The experience is not alienating because there is acceptance that group members’ aspirations differ. Millicent’s approach is enabling and empowering.

Being a member of Time for My Music has enabled me to grow in confidence in terms of my musical ability as an amateur saxophonist. I have also grown in my knowledge and understanding about the more technical aspects improving my all-round performance e.g., use of mics, sound levels/amplification, lighting, appearance, and digital skills, backdrops etc. This has also increased my appreciation of all musicians and their performances.

Millicent’s generosity in terms of sharing her own personal experiences as well as professional knowledge has been valuable. Her collaboration with other musicians and the opportunities provided to access their expertise through the use of videos, workshops, plus, via on-going support e.g., Vince, has extended the benefits of an already enriching community that is, Time for My Music.

The recording and critiquing of group members’ performances enhanced comradery within the group. Members have also been able to express their interests outside of music. This has revealed other shared as well as separate identities, hidden talents and has enhanced partnership working e.g., flyer development. Other factors that have assisted the growth and development of the group has been the Drinks, Chill and Chat sessions that have taken place between Time for My Music sessions. Weekly sessions in the run-up to the live performance in July, have provided increased opportunities for the group to bond.

The introduction of new members during lockdown has not had a negative impact on the dynamics of the group and this, perhaps, symbolises the strength upon which the group is founded, its ethos. This also links to the fact that many of the group members have a spiritual or faith background, fundamentally based in love, humility, compassion, unity, peace and inspiration. I believe that these shared principles amongst the group, without anyone’s belief or non-belief being a domineering force within the group, is at the heart of its success.

I am privileged to be in the company of a diverse group of women, each with their own life experience and skills, which have all added to richness of learning, sharing and networking to develop our musical ability – and so much more.


Click here to learn more about the group and join. Registrations are open until September 14th, 2021.

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