Welcome to Cafemnee (pronounced Ka’ fem’ nee). We strive to reach hobbyist and pro female musicians, singers, songwriters and producers with the aim of offering support, networking, training and musical expression in a collegial environment, wishing to give women the confidence to take hold and develop their musical destiny.

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2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Wow, another great Cafemnee workshop. I had a fantastic time yesterday. Loved Beverley’s work shop that I sorted and reorganised one side of my wardrobe 😀.
    Although I love, love, love playing my tenor sax due to long term back problems playing does become increasingly uncomfortable. Millicent let us try out her Vandoren sax harness and I was instantly sold. I didn’t think I would ever be able to play virtually pain free, so looking to get my own now.
    Great to catch up with all the beautiful ladies.( Remember to post a pic when you have the long dress and jacket altered).
    Thanks Millicent for a great day.


    1. Brilliant! Thanks Michelle for posting this. It’s great you did so others can read what we do to help women excel in their music. we’re not jsut about the instrument but the full package 🙂


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