Reaching hobbyists and performing musicians, Cafemnee empowers female instrumentalists and singers on their musical journey. Cafemnee specialises in providing networking events where training, support and musical expression can be nurtured in a welcoming non-threatening environment. Cafemnee is a Christian based organisation.

What do the sessions include?

  • Open forum’ – discussing relevant issues pertaining to being a female musician such as ‘Should I play it like a man?’, ‘How to bring my ‘A’ Game’,
    ‘Masterclass Tips’ – a session to aid understanding on a particular aspects of playing an instruments.
  • ‘Vocal Masterclass’ newly added in 2016, singing tips for Singers
  • ‘Jam session’ – to play as a band and create music; to try out ideas or tips gained in the session.
  • ‘Networking’, a time to build new relationships, share ideas and contact details for future work.
  • ‘Reflection and Action Planning ’ – a time to think through the topic of the session and make plans to impact own practises.
  • ‘Prayer’ Cafemnee is a Christian based organisation and a time of prayer or reflection is included for those who would like the opportunity to do so. Those who are not Christians are under no obligation to participate in prayer.

Lunch and refreshments are included in the price. But check the event details for any changes.


Cafemnee was created by Millicent Stephenson. For details on why she set up Cafemnee see the History page of this site.  For details on Millicent Stephenson, see her website Millicent Stephenson.com

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