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Is noise cancellation a great feature for your online teaching or live stream performance?

Noise cancellation in web cams is flagged as being a great feature but does it give you, the musician, the sound results you want when live streaming your performance or teaching? 'Noise Cancellation - Help or Hinderance' - Episode 28 of Success Beyond The Score

What Should Be Your Killer Music Track for Your Press Kit? | Success Beyond The Score Ep. 19

Quite a difficult thing choosing a song to send to a prospective client or promoter, so what should you send? Is a CD ok or is it better as a .WAV file? What if you can't afford Studio time is a recording on your phone ok? All these questions and more are answered in tonight's music business insights podcast 'Success Beyond The Score', episode 19 'What Should Be Your Killer Music Track For Your Press Kit?' by Millicent Stephenson for the gigging musician.

Record your songs for Film and TV in the comfort of your home

Do you have song ideas that you would like to record in the comfort of your home? Perhaps you are interested in getting your music placed on adverts, films, etc. Why note check out Kris Bradley's online course 'Voice Memo 2 Demo' which is open for enrolment.

Stuck at home? Don't worry our 4th April Workshop Will Run Online! Join Us!

We were due to run 'Pleasing Your Audience' on the 4th April in Erdington, Birmingham but we'll be running it over the Internet on the 4th April, instead so you can participate and communicate with each other from the comfort of your arm chair! 

How to Perform in the Commonwealth Games 2022 | Success Beyond The Score Ep. 14

Are you interested in performing in the Commonwealth Games 2022 that will be held in Birmingham and the West Midlands, UK ? Yes? No? Maybe? Well, while you decide have a listen to episode 14 of Success Beyond The Score on iTunes or if you prefer Sound Cloud (below) to find out more about performing in the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham 2022.

Our next workshop – ‘Pleasing Your Audience’ – 4th April 2020

HI Ladies, here it is, the details of our April workshop: - What should you do to connect with your audience and bring energy to your performance?- How can you create a Set from your repertoire to suit your audience's palate? - How do you handle interruptions and Hecklers?- Would you like to be part of … Continue reading Our next workshop – ‘Pleasing Your Audience’ – 4th April 2020

What Should I Put On My Business Card? | Success Beyond The Score Ep. 5

Are you thinking about creating business cards? Then you might want to consider seven things I've learnt over the years about business cards before you go ahead. Things like what to put on the front or the back; what size font? what size card? I've also included some bonus tips.