Have You Listened To Dan Whitehouse’s Whole Interview Yet?

The second part of Millicent’s interview with Dan Whitehouse aired this week with a lot of very interesting information. They start talking about the impact of COVID-19 on Dan’s life and career, given that lockdown made a visit to Japan become an almost two years stay. They share opinions about some pros and cons of the safety measures around the pandemic and exchange tips to stay creative, active and healthy in times of crisis. Dan also highlights career highs and lows, and to wrap everything up, he gives the audience some key aspects to keep in mind in order to become a professional musician.

You can also listen to the only-audio version of this episode on your favourite podcast platform.

‘Success Beyond The Score’, On The Radio

Millicent’s podcast ‘Success Beyond The Score’ is available in multiple digital platforms including YouTube and Libsyn, but did you know it is also on the radio?

You can tune in to AffinityXtra every Tuesday and Sunday at noon, UK time, to listen to Millicent interviewing professional musicians, singers and producers that will give you key tips to open your path in the music industry.

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25 Secrets To Make Your Next Gig Better Than Your Last!

Millicent’s free e-booklet “Revealed – 25 Secrets of the successful gigging Musician, Singer, Rapper & Spoken Word Artiste” contains insights into the industry, given by successful professionals, that will help you with all those key details that make a difference when securing a gig.

To get your digital copy, you just have to go to this website, where you will find a more comprehensive introduction to the text and the download link. Again, this is completely free!

You can also visit Millicent’s website, “Success Beyond The Score”, to find more resources.

‘The Journey Of A Menopausal Musician’, Featured In The Menstruation Project

The Menstruation Project is an experimental digital exhibition that aims to offer diverse perspectives on menstruation as a phenomenon. It integrates different artistic takes on the whole cycle from menarche to menopause, giving insight on its impact in all cultures and societies. The idea is to fight the taboo surrounding menstruation through art, in order to acknowledge the processes and rhythms associated with it and recognize them as natural and important.

The Menstruation Project reached to Millicent in order to ask permission to include her article “The Journey Of A Menopausal Musician”, which she wrote for the Musicians Union in occasion of International Menopause Day 2020, into their directory. She agreed, which means you can find it along many other interesting pieces in the digital exhibition.

Click here to visit the website of The Menstruation Project

How To Get Signed To A Label? Let’s Hear What Dan Whitehouse Has To Say

This episode of Success Beyond The Score welcomes Dan Whitehouse as a guest. Dan is an acclaimed composer and songwriter who has released five solo albums and who is currently signed with Reveal Records. In this episode, we are going to learn how everything started for Dan, and how it is going. You will hear about his life story and musical journey so far, including his own experiences of studying music and being signed to a label . Listen here:

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#TheShowMustBePaused, One Year Later

The MU and Love Music Hate Racism have partnered to host an online panel reflecting on how the industry has changed one year on from Blackout Tuesday and #TheShowMustBePaused. This discussion, chaired by Chardine Taylor-Stone, will highlight the work that new organisations and initiatives are doing to tackle racism and encourage a more diverse music industry, as well as exploring what is still to be done.

The panel will take place online today, June 3rd 2021, and it starts at 6pm UK. It is free to attend, but requires previous registration. Click here to register.

Do You Want To Get Your Writing In The Jazz Journalist Association Website?

Sammy Stein, author of several award-winning books about the British jazz scene, including “In Their Own Words” and “Gender Disparity in UK Jazz“, recently tweeted about the opportunity to publish articles about the young UK scene in the website of the Jazz Journalist Association.

If you have an insight you want to share with the jazz community, don’t hesitate dropping Sammy a direct message. You might also be able to contact her through her website.

Hear More About Anna Brooks On Ep. 9 of Success Beyond The Score

In the first part of the interview with Anna Brooks, professional saxophonist and international touring artiste, Millicent and her explored the beginnings of Anna’s fantastic career and some of the challenges that she had to face on the way.

In this second part, they talk about the impact of COVID, how to cope with crisis and career lows, and they go more in depth about work and family balance.

Listen to the episode in your favourite podcast platform or watch it on YouTube:

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Get Your Free Booklet Today

Millicent is working hard to bring more content that will be helpful in your journey as a musician. Expect news soon! In the meantime, don’t forget about her free PDF booklet “25 secrets of the successful gigging musician, singer, rapper & spoken word artiste”, in which she tells everything aboout how to find out how to get better quality gigs, build your image and star quality, remain at your best in a sustainable way and, of course, increase your income. All for free!

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Take the ‘Black Lives In Music’ Survey

The Musicians’ Union partnered with Black Lives in Music (BLiM), an initiative that seeks to address inequality of opportunity for Black people aspiring to be artists or professionals in the Jazz and Classical music industry, to conduct a survey that allows a deeper and better understanding of the challenges this population faces.

This survey is essential, as there is currently no data on Black musicians in the UK. Opportunity and access has been denied to many Black creatives in the industry, and BLiM wants to make sure that Black creatives are heard by giving them a formal platform to have a voice.

Click here to take the survey

If you want to find out more about what BLiM does for diversity in the British music industry, you can visit their website.

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