First Episode Of “Success Beyond The Score” Season 2

Millicent’s podcast to help you find your way in the music industry is back for season 2. This time, she gives the microphone to prominent voices of the area, from producers to performers, singers, musicians and more, so they can share their knowledge and unveil some secrets to boost your career.

In addition, the podcast now has a version on video that you can watch on YouTube. Start with the first episode, in which Millicent has an interview with music producer and record label owner Tony Bean.

Success Beyond The Score will have new episodes every two weeks. Find it in audio format on iTunesSoundCloud and Mixcloud!

Emergency on stage!

Anything can happen on stage and, as performers, we must be prepared! However, sometimes things go wrong no matter how hard you think about every possible inconvenience ahead of time. That’s the case of the Taiwanese-Australian violinist star Ray Chen during a concert in Brussels some years ago:

We feel his pain, but the video is hilarious! Check how everybody reacts super fast while the director pays no mind whatsoever to the chaos unfolding right next to him. The show must go on and orchestras know this better than anyone!

We hope this brings a smile to your face and some energy for the week that just started. Things are difficult, but with the right mindset, we can be like Ray Chen and brave it like pros on the stage 😉

This Monday: “Success Beyond The Score” Returns For Season 2!

Just recently, AffinityXtra radio finished a successful run of Success Beyond The Score‘s first season, where our creative director Millicent Stephenson walked us through a lot of useful information to carve our path in the music industry. Now, the podcast is back for a second season in which prominent voices of the field will join Millicent for in-depth interviews!

Every two weeks, get valuable insights on the life an work of producers, coaches, singers, performers and more! This time, the podcast will be available in video format through YouTube in addition to the usual audio on SoundCloud, iTunes, Mixcloud and, of course, AffinityXtra radio.

More info to come with the first episode on Monday 15th February. Please look forward to it!

Millicent’s journey to success

February is Black History Month, which reminded us of the talk Millicent gave for the Active Wellbeing Society last year, during the same occasion. Let’s get inspired together by her journey and the tips she gaves us from her perspective:

Find out more about the Active Wellbeing Society:
Explore Millicent’s music industry coaching & education site:

New Success Beyond The Score Podcast returns for Season 2

That’s right, Success Beyond The Score Podcast will return for a second season in the next few days. There have been some changes so watch this video to hear all about what’s new for Success Beyond The Score Podcast return for Season 2:

Watch The Parliament Discuss Future UK-EU Relations

On Thursday 21st January, representatives from the Musicians Union, the British Film Institute, the British Council and members of the EU services sub-commitee of parliament had a meeting in which they discussed the new conditions Brexit imposes over the entertainment industry, among other things like why the UK decided not to look into a renewal of participation in the Creative Europe programme. It is an interesting watch to understand the current situation and the position of the different actors in the matter.

Watch it here.

As usual, we recommend following the Musicians’ Union to keep up to date with the state of our industry.

Carol Kaye: Session Legend Interview

Carol Kaye is a true icon among bass guitarists. In a career of over 50 years, she has recorded more than 10.000 bass tracks for rock and pop music, which makes her one of the most prolific interpreters of her instrument.

The Snapshots Music and Art Foundation interviewed Carol in 2013. During the one hour long talk, she opened up and offered invaluable knowledge that turned the conversation into a secret masterclass. We share the video below and strongly encourage you to give it a watch and save it.

You can access the interview directly on YouTube through this link:

Meet The Fantastic Yuja Wang

It is not easy to define the sense of spectacle in classical music. Precision and speed are always a thing of wonder, yes, but the musician cannot leave the act of performing, of giving a character to the interpretation, behind. Yuja Wang knows this very well, and it shows every time she sits in front of her piano.

During an interview with Los Angeles Times in 2017, she was asked about what alternative career she would have picked if she wasn’t a prodigy pianist. Her answer was: “For me, playing music is about transporting to another way of life, another way of being. An actress does that.” With that perspective, you can see the character she plays live; with the thrill of spectacle running in her fingers, her deliberated fashion choices that infuse a Hollywood glam flavour to the stage, and her empathetic approach to her repertoire.

Her brilliant and inspiring career surely comes as motivation to find our own character on stage and play its role in a musical lifetime. You can listen to Yuja Wang’s work through her official website.

Podcast on AffinityXtra Radio: Livestreaming Equipment and Noise Cancellation

Tune in to tomorrow between 12PM and 1PM to listen to the segment of Millicent’s podcast, “Success Beyond The Score”, about livestreaming equipment and noise cancellation, which are essential to work as a musician from home and get an income online.

We are happy to announce that the podcast is getting a second season, in which Millicent will bring a new format and a lot of interesting and useful content for musicians. We will keep you updated!


How To Keep Working As A British Musician On Europe After Brexit

With a monumental change that is Brexit, a lot of questions and fears arise in regards of the possibility to keep gigging and working as a musician within the European Union. Conditions keep shifting and some bitter surprises appear on the way —such as the rejection by UK government of the EU offer to allow visa-free travel to touring musicians—, so the first step is to prepare in advance as comprehensively as you can.

To help navigate the new rules and requirements, the Musicians’ Union has put together a flowchart that you can download following this link. Other advise provided by the union is:

  • Some of the administration can be completed in advance of work being offered, such as a valid passport and a range of insurances, including instrument and equipment cover, PLI, and business travel insurance.
  • Be aware, you will need to check the requirements for each of the member states you will be visiting as they often differ from each other.
  • If you require a CITES Musical Instrument Certificate, we recommend obtaining one immediately. The Certificate lasts for three years and currently there is no charge.
  • Where individual musicians are travelling alone to or from a gig, or between tours or different gigs, part of their travel may have been organised by a tour manager. It is key to establish who is responsible for acquiring and paying for the relevant documentation, insurance, carnets, visas etc.
  • If you are flying out to join a tour, you may not have proof of a ‘return journey’ because you intend coming back with the group. We recommend liaising in advance with the tour management to avoid any oversights.
  • Remember that securing the correct ‘paperwork’ once you have left the UK can be extremely difficult.

We encourage you to follow the Musicians’ Union website to be up to date with the news about working in the European Union. You can also join the MU for just £1 for the first six months, learn about the benefits clicking here.

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