Who Is Going To Make Your Music Happen? | Success Beyond The Score Ep. 3

In the third episode of Success Beyond The Score, Millicent explains some strategies for you to get where you want in your music career instead of waiting around for someone else to make it happen.

Is Age a Number? | Success Beyond The Score Ep. 2

How do you think about your age? How do you feel about it, and about the age of your peers? Is it elevating your music, or decimating it? Listen to what Millicent has to say about this topic.

Introduction | Success Beyond The Score Ep. 1

Alright! A new podcast. A new adventure for Millicent and a new source of advice and resources for everybody interested in building a career in music. Intrigued? Allow Millicent herself to explain what this entire endeavour is about by listening to the first episode of Success Beyond The Score.