All About Your Electronic Press Kit With ‘Success Beyond The Score’

What to include in your EPK, how it should look, what are the most important parts, what it is all about... all the answers, here.

‘Think equal, build smart, innovate for change’

In occasion of International Women's Day 2019, we want to thank all our members for their passion, dedication and the joy they bring to our network. The strength with which each one works towards our dreams is what makes our voices (and instruments!) heard, and Cafemnee would be nothing without the marvelous women that make part of it.

What did Beverley say to Melody about jewellery?

What did Beverley say to Melody (Jazz vocalist) about jewellery for an outfit she really likes and will wear? Find out from the 4th highlight video from our 'What Shall I Wear?' workshop with Beverley Crichlow, Image and Style Consultant:  

5 Ways To Avoid Playing The Comparison Game

5 Ways To Avoid Playing The Comparison Game is a really interesing blog on Reverb Nation's website.  Hopefully it will help you on your music journey. 'Do you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to other artists? Do you get secretly jealous when other musicians land cool gigs, win awards, and score lucrative press?  These are … Continue reading 5 Ways To Avoid Playing The Comparison Game