Millicent at the BBC

Last night, our Creative Director, Millicent Stephenson was invited to BBC Radio WM to talk about empowering women in music and our workshop this Saturday ‘Going For Gold in 2019’. She was interviewed by Nicola Beckford, TV Presenter and Journalist. The session was also videoed so as soon the footage has been sorted we willContinue reading “Millicent at the BBC”

Noval and Millicent live jam session

Millicent and Noval Smith will be jamming this Wed 20th March, 6.30pm, on Facebook live. So check out Millicent’s Facebook Music page to get your front seat. Also Noval will also be sharing insights and tips about Jam sessions leading up to our Go For Gold 2019 workshop in a couple weeks time. So don’tContinue reading “Noval and Millicent live jam session”

How was ‘What Shall I Wear?’

We had a blast!  But first, why did the women come?  Some said: To learn more about their Image and seek tips & advice Because I missed 2 other session Looking at Stage styles, To learn more about face shape, colours, what to wear and know more about my complete look and style Not sureContinue reading “How was ‘What Shall I Wear?’”