Reggae Choir Workshop Opportunity

In Cafemnee, we always keep an eye out for activities that could be beneficial for our members. That's how we came across this interesting workshop that will start on Friday 30th August, 2019.

Millicent at the BBC

Last night, our Creative Director, Millicent Stephenson was invited to BBC Radio WM to talk about empowering women in music and our workshop this Saturday 'Going For Gold in 2019'. She was interviewed by Nicola Beckford, TV Presenter and Journalist. The session was also videoed so as soon the footage has been sorted we will … Continue reading Millicent at the BBC

‘Four Women’ in celebration of the International Women’s Day

This evening of music, dance, poetry and art in occasion of the International Women's Day will be a celebration of women's triumphs and progress in all fields of culture, and a great opportunity to cherish the achievements of Hillary Turner, thanks to her effort and the support of all out lovely Cafemnee attendees.

Sun Stephenson brings ‘Liberation Gates’ to BOM

'Liberation Gates' is an interactive installation created by Sun Stephenson for BOM's exhibition 'We Run This'. It activates according to the distance of a target, using colours and Arduino programming to enthrall viewers.