Owning Your Spot: What will attendants do differently as a result of the workshop?

We wanted to know what goals and challenges emerged from the dynamics of the day, and how the teaching and collaborating that took place could influence the routines and views of the attendants. These are some of the answers our members provided.

Women have a couple things to say about Cafemnee…

Every time someone let us know how we have contributed to their growth or success, we reaffirm our compromise to support as many female musicians, singers, songwriters and producers as we can in their journey to improve their skills, gain confidence and shine with all their talent and passion.

Another Cafemnee woman stepping up their game

I had a great text today from another Cafemnee woman stepping up their game. They wrote to tell me they had just purchased their first mic (SM58) with stand and lead. Brill! She also wanted advice on Amps as she's stepping up towards getting her own PA for her bookings. Excellent! She is the third … Continue reading Another Cafemnee woman stepping up their game