What did Beverley say to Melody about jewellery?

What did Beverley say to Melody (Jazz vocalist) about jewellery for an outfit she really likes and will wear? Find out from the 4th highlight video from our 'What Shall I Wear?' workshop with Beverley Crichlow, Image and Style Consultant:  

Does your mindset get in the way of your music?

Does your mindset get in the way of your music? Perhaps you are determined? Maybe negative? The next episode of ‘101 Things They Don’t Tell You About Working in The Music Industry’ will be about your mindset.  Out this Monday morning 6.30am.  Switch on your notification for Episode #8  Your Mindset.

101 Things 6 How To Become A Full Time Musician Millicent Stephenson

Is It Possible To Become a Full Time Musician?

Is it possible to become a full time musician? This is  a question asked by many.  Tomorrow Millicent will answer how it is possible to become a full time musician, singer-songwriter, producer.   Watch episode number 6 of  '101 Things They Don't Tell You About Working In The Music Industry' video series. https://youtu.be/sWNIX_W4X0I  

Facebook live replay video: Why do mistakes stick?

Why do mistakes stick? 'Have you ever wondered why it is sometimes easier to remember the negative comments more than the positive one?' This question was posed by Novelette Aldred - Psychotherapist and Hospital Chaplin for our Facebook live session.  For me it's very true, mistakes stick in our mind more than our wins and … Continue reading Facebook live replay video: Why do mistakes stick?

Facebook Live: This Monday 26th Feb 7.30pm

Tune in this Monday 26th Feb, 7.30pm at https://www.facebook.com/Millicent-Stephenson-Saxophonist-547354311995182/ If you're not on Facebook don't worry.  I'll post the video after the stream to my YouTube channel and here on my website so you can catch it.  🙂 See you soon. #YourMindIsYourMusic #cafemnee

The Day I Changed My Mind

As promised here is the earlier Facebook live stream video about the day I changed my mind and dealt with a thought that was tripping me up in my playing.  I would love to hear your stories too.  By the way, I kick off with 'My Love' and finish with 'Thinking Out Loud'.  Enjoy! 🙂 … Continue reading The Day I Changed My Mind

Facebook Live tonight

In the early days of my music there was one thought I had to wrestle with constantly.  It impacted how I played and performed.  It was a small but powerful thought but I had to find a way to tackle it or else I wouldn't have music career. #YourMindIsYourMusic At 7.30pm today, for around 15mins, … Continue reading Facebook Live tonight