Owning Your Spot: What did the attendants think went well about the workshop?

In occasion of the workshop 'Owning Your Spot', these are some of the answers to the question "What went well about today, meeting of aims or the organisation of the event?

‘Owning Your Spot’ is tomorrow!

Are you ready to shine? The day for our workshop 'Owning Your Spot' is just around the corner, and we still have some tickets available if you want to come.

Save money with our group offer

For the purchase of four tickets or more to our workshop, 'Owning Your Spot', get each one of them for £40 instead of £45. These discounted tickets still include all the perks of the usual tickets, and you will be making music, jamming, working and learning with friends, which makes them even better!

Last chance to book your 1:1 private clinic

Cynthia Fearon, Millicent Stephenson, Noval Smith and Abigail Kelly are offering 1:1 private clinics right at the end of 'Owning Your Spot' and today is the last chance to book yours!