‘Owning Your Spot’ is tomorrow!

Are you ready to shine? The day for our workshop 'Owning Your Spot' is just around the corner, and we still have some tickets available if you want to come.

Last chance to book your 1:1 private clinic

Cynthia Fearon, Millicent Stephenson, Noval Smith and Abigail Kelly are offering 1:1 private clinics right at the end of 'Owning Your Spot' and today is the last chance to book yours!

Hurry up! ‘Owning Your Spot’ is selling fast!

We are overjoyed by the good reception of our workshop 'Owning Your Spot', where we expect to give all attendants key tools to improve their stage presence and enhance their performances.

Book A Private 1:1 Clinic to Own Your Spot

Do you have a specific question on a point of development to do with your vocals, playing, production, music business, gigging, etc? Well, get one of the six slots available for only £15,00 (in addition to the workshop day price) and speak all about it with one of our experts.

Meet our guests: Abigail Kelly

Abigail is one of the expert guests of the "Owning Your Spot" workshop. She wil be part of our showcase panel, where she will give advice and feedback based in her extensive career as an operating soprano and actress.

Owning Your Spot

Would you like to try out some of your singing or playing ideas in a supportive environment? Would you like to perform a short piece and receive immediate feedback on how you can improve how you delivered it? Would a one to one session where you can bring a specific question about your voice or playing be of help to you? Check our new workshop.

How was ‘Take The Controls’?

How was 'Take the Controls'? Cafemnee's March event was brilliant!  23 women attended the day to take the controls of their music and here are some of their comments about the day: ‘Getting paid has always been a taboo. I’m glad for the information’ ‘This has opened my knowledge so much, on how to deal … Continue reading How was ‘Take The Controls’?

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Cafemnee Saturday 4th March 2017

Cafemnee Saturday 4th March 2017 Take The Controls Why this theme? Whether you are starting out in music, returning to music, see music as an hobby or are working in music full or part time you have the controls but how will you use them? The world of music has changed.  Once upon a time music moghuls and … Continue reading Cafemnee Saturday 4th March 2017

Cafemnee Facebook Page & last day for Early Bird

Really pleased to say, Cafemnee is growing!  We now have our own Facebook page so please go over, take a look, Like and Share!  https://www.facebook.com/Cafemnee-1348198728541991/ Also today is the last day for 'How To Bring Your A Game - Part 2' Early Bird fee.   A networking event for female musicians (instrumentalist and singers), here is … Continue reading Cafemnee Facebook Page & last day for Early Bird