The BBC Is Looking For Musicians And Singers Over 65

A new TV show is on the making at RDF for the BBC, and they are looking for senior singers and musicians to participate. Both amateurs and former pros can apply and it doesn’t matter how much stage experience you have or how long it has been since the last time you performed. All instruments and musical genres are allowed.

The Spring Budget: A Mixed Bag For Musicians

After the delivery of the Budget speech last Wednesday, the Musician’s Union analysed the all the announced measures and arrived to the conclusion that, despite there are good news, there’s still work to be done.

3 Ways To Convince Rishi Sunak To #InvestInMusicians

The Musician’s Union is doing everything in their power to get Chancellor Rishi Sunak to invest in musicians. We must hurry to take action as well, because the budget speech will be delivered on Wednesday! Learn about what you can do to help.