Millicent thoughts on “Owning Your Spot”

“Owning Your Spot” was, in a way, the culmination of several processes that were developed in previous workshops of Cafemnee. So far, most of our sessions had focused on things to do out or around the stage: practise, management, finances, communication with agents and clients, and so on. This time, we went directly to the stage, and that allowed us to apply knowledge acquired in all those previous experiences, and understand just how much we have changed for the best.

Steps towards success.

The talk by Millicent during ‘Go for Gold in 2019’ gave everybody a boost to take their careers to the next level, but even so, we suspect the shyest ones might still have some doubts. For this reason, we come to remind you all that mistakes are nothing to worry about. Think of them as steps towards success, hesitate no more and go take the world by storm!