Are you ready to jam?

"Owning Your Spot" comes with a vocal improvisation session directed by Millicent Stephenson, and a musician's jam session by Noval Smith. Remember that we will also have an open showcase, talks, private clinics, networking, lunch and pray.

Two golden weeks.

It has been two weeks since the 'Go for Gold in 2019' workshop. It feels like yesterday! I can still feel the boost, the excitement, the joy of seeing this project grow for the benefit of everybody involved. What a fantastic day we had.

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Learn while teaching, teach while learning – Go for Gold in 2019

Last Wednesday 20th March, Millicent and Noval made a Facebook Live jam session to show a bit of what we have in store for the 'Go for Gold in 2019' workshop attendants. They explained the jam as they went, and also gave some advice.

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New to jam sessions? Here some golden tips.

Jam sessions are great opportunities to grow as musicians, but they can be a bit daunting. Complaints about "not being good enough" or "not being ready" are very frequent, so here we want to give some tips to ensure your session with us will go as well as it should.

Only 23 days left to see our TV interview on BBC iPlayer

We're still excited about this! Only 23 days left though to see what we're talking about. Millicent was interviewed by Josie d'Arby of the BBC1 TV programme 'Songs Of Praise' recently about the shortage of female musicians and her project 'Cafemnee' which was created in response to this. Our Jam Session was also filmed and this was … Continue reading Only 23 days left to see our TV interview on BBC iPlayer

Songs of Praise Angles

We're just delighted to be filmed by BBC1 Songs of Praise recently (read more in my previous blog 5th Feb).  Here some more behind the scenes and angles taken by Chris Mair photographer.  Lovely professional shots. Interviews by Josie D'Arby.  We so enjoyed working with you.  Cafemnee women, you were great! Here are the Songs of … Continue reading Songs of Praise Angles