The online workshop has been a total success!

The world swept the rug from under our feet but we adapted, and ‘Pleasing Your Audience’ quickly transformed into Cafemnee Online, an experience that closes this Saturday with a bang: the Open Mic Showcase, virtual edition! It has been an exciting opportunity to stay connected and explore new ways of communicating and collaborating. We are as happy as our attendants, to be honest!

‘Faithful God’

A few weeks ago, we shared a testimony by Beverley Edwards about how Cafemnee helped her change her perspective on music and the way she was approaching the creative process. As a result of the positive input, Beverley was able to produce and launch her first EP, ‘Faithful God’, which we are proud to present.

Women have a couple things to say about Cafemnee…

Every time someone let us know how we have contributed to their growth or success, we reaffirm our compromise to support as many female musicians, singers, songwriters and producers as we can in their journey to improve their skills, gain confidence and shine with all their talent and passion.

I’m loving how Cafemnee’s helped me – Jacqueline’s Story

So, my singing history charts over many years singing in groups and choirs, as a backing vocalist and soloist working with artists and musicians from far and wide.  I love to sing, but felt in the last two years in particular, that my confidence was being greatly eroded after working with a few people whoContinue reading “I’m loving how Cafemnee’s helped me – Jacqueline’s Story”

What did Michelle Say about ‘What Shall I Wear?’

What did Michelle Say about ‘What Shall I Wear?’ ‘Wow, another great Cafemnee workshop. I had a fantastic time yesterday. Loved Beverley’s work shop that I sorted and reorganised one side of my wardrobe 😀. Although I love, love, love playing my tenor sax due to long term back problems playing does become increasingly uncomfortable.Continue reading “What did Michelle Say about ‘What Shall I Wear?’”