Noval and Millicent live jam session

Millicent and Noval Smith will be jamming this Wed 20th March, 6.30pm, on Facebook live. So check out Millicent’s Facebook Music page to get your front seat. Also Noval will also be sharing insights and tips about Jam sessions leading up to our Go For Gold 2019 workshop in a couple weeks time. So don’tContinue reading “Noval and Millicent live jam session”

Facebook Live tonight

In the early days of my music there was one thought I had to wrestle with constantly.  It impacted how I played and performed.  It was a small but powerful thought but I had to find a way to tackle it or else I wouldn’t have music career. #YourMindIsYourMusic At 7.30pm today, for around 15mins,Continue reading “Facebook Live tonight”

Facebook Live this Fri 7.30pm

I can clearly remember occasions when what I thought got in the way of my playing and times when what I thought did not trip me up.  I’ll explain all this on Friday on Facebook live 9th Feb at 7.30pm. Tune in at If you’re not on Facebook then don’t worry.  I’ll post the videoContinue reading “Facebook Live this Fri 7.30pm”