Video Replay: First Impressions Matter

Ladies what do people think about when you walk on Stage, in the Studio, your rehearsal? Did you know that what they see of you for the first time is personal style, confidence and prescence in fact it is their first impression and it is a lasting impression of you.  Tonight in the facebook live video with … Continue reading Video Replay: First Impressions Matter

Facebook live tomorrow ‘First Impressions matter’

Tomorrow, Wednesday 29th August 6.30pm Millicent will be interviewing Beverley Crichlow on Facebook live.  Beverley will be discussing why first impressions matter for your music as part of our 'What Shall I Wear?' workshop happening on 8th September. So tune in on Millicent's Facebook music page 6.30pm to hear Beverley's views and tips. Facebook live tomorrow first impressions … Continue reading Facebook live tomorrow ‘First Impressions matter’