7 Tips for Creating an ‘A’ List Photograph | Success Beyond The Score Ep. 17

It might sound a bit unfair (it probably is, given that we are musicians, not models) but, if you are a performer, you cannot escape the visual aspect of it all. You need a good image on and off the stage, and for that, you need a photographer.

How was Cafemnee’s ‘How to Bring Your ‘A’ Game’?

While it was a dull day outside, it was far from dull inside Manor Studios for Cafemnee’s ‘How to bring your ‘A’ Game’. The session discussion topic ‘Your ‘A’ Game Practise’ explored ten hindrances, ten myths and ten tips for improving your practise. Helen Bentley gave an overview of the types of personal and musicalContinue reading “How was Cafemnee’s ‘How to Bring Your ‘A’ Game’?”