Is Age a Number? | Success Beyond The Score Ep. 2

How do you think about your age? How do you feel about it, and about the age of your peers? Is it elevating your music, or decimating it? Listen to what Millicent has to say about this topic.

Because of Cafemnee, I have…

We are very proud of all our member's achievements, and we cannot wait for see how everybody grows more and reaches their goals in music. Right now, we are preparing our next workshop and we would love to have your input. Our survey will be up until August 24th, and it takes only three minutes to complete it:

5 Ways To Avoid Playing The Comparison Game

5 Ways To Avoid Playing The Comparison Game is a really interesing blog on Reverb Nation's website.  Hopefully it will help you on your music journey. 'Do you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to other artists? Do you get secretly jealous when other musicians land cool gigs, win awards, and score lucrative press?  These are … Continue reading 5 Ways To Avoid Playing The Comparison Game

Millicent Stephenson Cafemnee What Shall I Wear Michelle Bev 2

What did Michelle Say about ‘What Shall I Wear?’

What did Michelle Say about 'What Shall I Wear?' 'Wow, another great Cafemnee workshop. I had a fantastic time yesterday. Loved Beverley’s work shop that I sorted and reorganised one side of my wardrobe 😀. Although I love, love, love playing my tenor sax due to long term back problems playing does become increasingly uncomfortable. … Continue reading What did Michelle Say about ‘What Shall I Wear?’

Video Replay: First Impressions Matter

Ladies what do people think about when you walk on Stage, in the Studio, your rehearsal? Did you know that what they see of you for the first time is personal style, confidence and prescence in fact it is their first impression and it is a lasting impression of you.  Tonight in the facebook live video with … Continue reading Video Replay: First Impressions Matter