‘How To Make Friends With Your Nerves’ – Marcia’s Story

I was delighted at being asked to sing, but shocked that it was to be a capella. You see, I’m used to singing in choirs, as backing vocalist, and the rare solo but with instrumental accompaniment, but on this day, Friday 17th August, 2018, my vocals were to be totally exposed, aaaargh!!! No music, atContinue reading “‘How To Make Friends With Your Nerves’ – Marcia’s Story”

How Do You Deal With Your Nerves?

How do you deal with your performance nerves?  Do you fall apart before, during or after?  What do you do to cope? This is the topic of tomorrow’s Facebook live with  Novelette Aldred (Psychotherapist and Hospital Chaplin) who will be joining Millicent on Millicent’s Facebook page. If you are are not on Facebook ,  youContinue reading “How Do You Deal With Your Nerves?”

Cafemnee: Your Mind Is Your Music

This is the theme for Cafemnee session on 3rd March 2018. Sometimes there are limiting thoughts that stop us moving forward. Psychologists call this ‘shadow beliefs’.  These thoughts tell us what we can’t or can do. These thoughts can hamper us: making time to practise taking time to write songs taking on a solo inContinue reading “Cafemnee: Your Mind Is Your Music”