MU’s Musicians’ Hearing Health Scheme

As musicians, we’d like to say we prevent hearing loss at all costs, but truth be told, hearing health services can get unreasonably expensive and not everybody has access to the specialists, tools and knowledge that can prevent issues in this absolutely vital part of our profession. Thinking of this, the Musicians Union created a scheme that allows musicians to get specialist hearing assessments and bespoke hearing protection for an affordable amount.

Keychange Talent Development Programme Is Looking For Applicants

Women and gender minority artists and innovators are invited by Keychange to take part in a year-long programme of development. It includes international opportunities, training, mentoring, networking and promotion globally throughout 2022!

The Journey Of A Menopausal Musician

Femininity is cherished and exploited in the music industry. Producers make their fortunes by selling a version of feminine sexual perfection and we see this through comments such as ‘You sound ok but you just don’t have the right look’ which is mentioned in TV music competitions. The winner goes through a complete make-over with additional air brushing to personify ultimate beauty and achievement. But then, years later, what happens when the menopause hits?